2018 Season

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2018 Season

Postby Woody » Tue Apr 10, 2018 11:23 am

Only a month away now. Had a major issue to sort with access to my peg. I had been going through the same farm for over 10 years and two owners, but last June the farm again changed hands. The new farmers wifey is totally anti bird hunting and flatly refused access through. No matter that I had spent thousands of man hours and dollars in restoring a willow and blackberry choked wetland. The male farmer suggested last June that I re-approach him nearer to this season so I did, and went again cap in hand to see him last week. Pussy whipped fellow said he did not want to upset her so the answer was still no.

I went to the next door farm and thankfully this chap gave me the Ok. New track cutting was required but several wasp stings, blackberry rips and buckets of sweat later, my new access track is made in order I can get Canadian canoe and gear down to the stream to a position from which I can paddle upstream a ways to my peg. I don't use a maimai, but stand in the cover in chest waders and keep a low profile. Most hunters wont go to this level of difficulty but I've found it pays dividents because I 'm never above the level of the surrounding cover.

Job done on Sunday, so all pegged up and ready to go ! Water level is higher than usual but lots of birds present with promise of a good opening.
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Pic from last season. Old dog and young dog.
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Re: 2018 Season

Postby Packhorse » Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:01 pm

Sounds like a bit of work n effort going on there. I’m bit of a lazy fella when I comes to the ducks. At the pond on time (usually) n hardly even use decoys. For the amount ( or lack of) work I do it’s still a useful couple of hours.

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