An awesome weekend

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An awesome weekend

Postby Sean » Mon Feb 29, 2016 6:29 pm

Friday wasnt really the weekend but who cares?
On Friday it was the high school atheletics and we didn't have to wear uniform. I participated in every event and got first in 800m run!
Then it was the hunting and fishing competition.
After school I went and checked the magpie trap, Got a one maggie and one was in the decoy track. So I shot it with the slug gun. I went back home for tea, after that I checked the magpie trap again. Got another one, so I shot the decoy and replaced it with the new one. In the evening I set 15 traps next to the river. Later on that night we took the .22 spotlighting with my wireless spotlight. We went all around the farm and didn't see anything, therefore we went to the run-off. Saw a little rabbit in the hay shed paddock but it ran into the pines. Into the next paddock and there was a better one, a bigger one. So I loaded the .22 up and BANG missed another shot BANG got em and I just gave him an extra bullet to kill him. So I tied him to the front of the quad and carried on, no more rabbits, possums or hares. I searched the gum trees and found a roosting magpie so I shot him clean out of the trees, took em back and chucked them in the freezer.

Saturday morning I got up at eight and went and checked the magpie trap, nothing but there was a magpie in the distance hoppingand there must have been something wrong with it. I caught upto it and it still hadn,t flew away, so I chased and stomped on its head. No Possums in the traps. Checked the trap about 4 hours later and there was one in their but I didn't have the rifle with me so I grabbed it and ringed its neck. Went fishing for half an hour but nothing. Dad and his mate got one each. At night we went spotlighting again and I went on our neighbours farm and I saw a possum go in between the bailage. At the run-off I saw a possum climbing up a tree with a joey on its back, I hit the big one in the head and the little guy ran away. She was a big one weighing 6.05 lb. After that I shot three more roosting magpies, but I couldn't find one cause it landed somewhere in the long grass.
In the morning I didn't get any maggies in the trap or possums.
Got a hare given to us for the competition.
At the weigh in I got 2nd most magpies (8) and I won a ammo pouch, got a cap in a spot prize and aMc Donald voucher, so on the way home I got an Ice cream from there
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Re: An awesome weekend

Postby Scribe » Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:11 pm

I had to laugh at this story, you sure are hell on wheels to the pest population. There should have been a prize for persistence I think. Well done anyway 'Sean'.
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Re: An awesome weekend

Postby scouser » Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:53 pm

Superb Sean......maggies get short shift around your place!!!!!
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Re: An awesome weekend

Postby Dundee » Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:46 pm

Here is a small percentage of the animals that were weighed in
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Re: An awesome weekend

Postby Rushy » Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:49 pm

Good stuff Sean.
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