Blooding a new (to me) rifle

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Blooding a new (to me) rifle

Postby Packhorse » Wed Dec 27, 2017 4:16 pm

After a few muck arounds I finally purchased a scope and mounted It on the 23rd and sighted it in on Christmas Eve. Rifle is a Ruger Ranch in .300 Blackout wearing Bushnell Dusk to Dawn 3-9x 40.
As wifey is now doing 16hr milkings I decided to go early when she was doing a morning milking plus I needed to walk some Christmas off so I scratched the bed of my back as she left for work, had a quick brekky, grabbed my gear and headed off to a local public block.
This was to be another exploratory mission plus hoping to blood the .300. After sussing out a bit more country I ended up at a potential hotspot. It wasn't far from where I'd previously shot a red in this block n my first glimpse of a animal I thought it was a deer. The wind was up my arse n thought 'shit I gotta be quick it's gonna smell me'. I shuffled a bit to get a better shooting spot then realised it was a goat, not one but three. They were a max of 30 metres away. I lined up on a brown nanny '..Bang,Thud ' of a hit. I reloaded n lined up on another one '..Bang...' Miss..8(. Took some photos of the wound channel and its horns as they were a bit different then whipped the legs and back steaks off.
I carried on down as I wanted to see what was around the corner. I spotted some more goats they were a bit further away. They must of sensed/smelt me as the nanny was up n a bit agitated. I leant against a tree n lined up on a nannies shoulder. Bang, Thud the nanny was down. A billy was facing away from me so lined up on its neck. Bang ..missed. Reload fire again...Bang Thud ..the bully drops like a ton of shit.
I make my way down, take some photos and video then proceed to take legs and back steaks.
I loaded up all the meat and did the slow walk out. I'd arsed up on the way n and my knees and left ankle were feeling it a wee bit.
I made my way back to my vehicle and dumped the load n the back. I have to say I was curious about how much I carried back so I weighed it when I got home. 19 Kgs of meat....not a bad effort.

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