November Stroll

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November Stroll

Postby Packhorse » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:16 pm

Took a annual leave day today needed a bit of a head clear. Headed out to a local DOC block, dropping a trailer off at a mates on the way. Consequently started later than I wanted plus it was blowing its tits off as well.
Wanted to have a play my my new GPS so that was the main reason I was out.

After having a tittoo with GPS I worked it correlated with where I was.., I was working out something out else..I’m not as fit as I should be..8-( .. Anyway persevered on sussing out the warm spots with feed..nup no dice.. Saw a few shot goats with nothing taken from them..that shits me a bit. Bush was pretty quiet and funny enough seemed like it was a bit more ‘open’ than the last time I was in there. Came across this though..Image
I knew it was there but first time I’ve seen it open... After a feed n a drink and a bit more of a look around I headed back to the car..still hopeful keep thinking it ain’t over till it’s over. It sure isn’t but bloody hell fifty metres from the car..??? Image All good I’ll take the win. Skin n gut it back the car up and sling it in the back.. nice to get a easy one sometimes

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