Famous Big Game Fishing Spots

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Re: Famous Big Game Fishing Spots

Postby Scribe » Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:55 pm

veitnamcam wrote:
Scribe wrote:
Gapped Axe wrote:Ranfurly. I used to fish of the charter vessel Deep Star skippered by Carr. He went missing years ago presumed drowned when the boat he was on sunk off the Bay of Islands. We used to leave Hicks bay at 4am, get to the banks by 8am, fish till 12oclock and then steam back to the wharf by 4pm for the next change over. Even with stabiliser's the boat rolled like a pig and was freekin slow. Fishing was good thou.

Yes you are right it is the Ranfurly Banks GA. The Hikurangi Trench is out that way too, that is what I was thinking of.

I suppose you were after the Hapuka GA. I was in a fishing contest out of Gisbourne two years ago when we got on a patch of Hapuka. It was like pulling up saturated and rotten old logs from the bottom of the sea.

I begged to be taken away from the area in the end after trying to let a couple go and seen them float away belly up and dead. It is a fish that should not be allowable in a fishing competition 'In my opinion' as people tend to keep pulling them up even if they don't want them, until they catch a competition winner.

Surely not scribe, any evidence of this even if hearsay?
You would have to be a complete wanker to do that and any mates you had would surely put your weights up.

I agree with what you say Cam, I was the guest on the boat in a three day competition. There was a major prize for the most species taken. We were on the third day and had to many fish. On the Hapuka ground we were on, there were abundant hapuka around 6 to 12 kg and we never caught any bigger. I caught a double and decided it was just bloody murder and no sport at all and stopped fishing and said lets get out of here. The boat owner reckoned the fish had not come from very deep water and could be released. I was pretty sceptical about that but I put my two back and another a guy brought up.

These fish never looked like recovering and we eventually lost them in the choppy conditions by the time we got the anchor up. This is what happened on our boat and there were many boats in the competition. How many fish were discarded looking for the winning hapuka which I remember weighed in at 24kg.

I have nothing against catch and release when the fish has a good chance of survival. It was a bad thing we did and I don't go in competitions like that anymore. I still fish in the local RSA, Cossie club, one day competition for the smaller species
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Re: Famous Big Game Fishing Spots

Postby Rushy » Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:58 am

veitnamcam wrote:Interesting Rushy ,I always thought the Moari name for them was Hapuka ?

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Re: Famous Big Game Fishing Spots

Postby Gapped Axe » Fri Jun 19, 2015 8:42 am

Such a waste for such a valuable food resource. Luckily the next generation down, seems to be more in touch with conservation than we are. Yeah pretty much agree very hard to put a fish back from deeper water, the chances of survival are minimal to say the least. catch ya feed then stop, simple . Fish for the future.
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