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Re: Full lenght resizing ?

Posted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:05 pm
by Scribe
JWB wrote:It appears that years of cooking and eating out of aluminium cookware is taking its toll on both of us.

Despite the aluminium I still have great memories of Opotiki and all its characters. Flying training, The Blue Pub, and Joe Collins funeral.

Re: Full length resizing ?

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 9:27 pm
by Frogfeatures
Frogfeatures wrote:Hi guys.
So I reload using a Lyman 310 hand press
Works fine, but it only neck sizes the case.
Now my loads are not too hot, so I get 7-8 reloads before the shoulder needs bumping back.
At which point I throw the case away, and buy replacements.
Is there a way to resize by hand ?
I remember seeing some Lyman thing which you hit with a hammer, but that
Seems a bit 'hit and miss'
Any suggestions ?