Would like the collective thoughts on this rifle.

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Re: Would like the collective thoughts on this rifle.

Postby Scribe » Mon Aug 10, 2015 10:29 pm

Carpe Diem wrote:Hi guy's

Well what arrived was a little different to what I was told it was (that BSA changed in transit into a Parker Hale :lol: :lol: :roll: ) I love it when people don't actually know what they have. Yeah its a Parker Hale M82 from tracking the markings. The owner thought the target barrel and rings were Parker Hale and the rest was BSA. Saw the t19 marks on the side and what he thought was scimitar (not) but all became clear when it was taken out of the stock looking at the other markings and serials. P- at the start of the serial though was a bit of a give away.

Took it out of its bedding and the trigger is in good nick just needs cleaning but really nice trigger break and no creep even with all the shit on it. Receiver and action body hadn't been opened in over 20 years and was full of crud - all on the top though and bolt in good nick.

Bores really good clean and shiny - I think its moly but I'll need to check. The crowns a bit of concern but we'll see how she fires then decide on a polish or docking may be required. She's been put into a nice Parker Hale stock with RH monte carlo. the loong target barrel too.

If it shoots well could be a really good project - has been bedded before but needs rebedding I reckon. Still have the option to return should it not get close to muster.

Just a thought guys without a pic as I'm allergic to photo fuckit, What range do you think the value for insurance should be - just in case I'm sitting on a rarity, then again it may only be worth a few hundy.

As always keen to hear from those that may have a far better understanding of the history than me and Dr Google.com


So whats the latest on this rifle 'Carp Diem'. 'What about some photo's'???.

I have never owned a Parker Hale, but knew many with them and they received good service from this weapon.

I am glad it never turned to be an BSA and I hope you are pleased with purchase.
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