Light Weight simple Binocs

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Light Weight simple Binocs

Postby Happy » Wed May 25, 2016 8:06 pm

Good place this when you want to go buy something for hunting and outdoors use. Just ask and you ll get some advice on what's good or bad .
Have some range finder binocs but they are not much fun to lug around when you're out and about and doing a lot of up hill down dale stuff

Requirement : something way lighter for tops work, good to wear and look through without taking your glasses off, useful for duck shooting season as well with good warranty, and user friendly

First two suggestions were the same. Leupold 10 x 42 BX2 Cascades. So read a few internet reviews and decision made. Found a pair a year old as new on tardme good price after a few messages job done.

I ve had the odd pair from Marine to Rangefinder to these.

These suit the task for me very well. Fast hunting,light carry duck shooting


Good sharp focus. Quick acquisition of target. Good amounts of light.
Fairly light (read way lighter than my range finder binocs)
Feel good in the hands
Price ok ish if you shop around and don't pay retail



Factory Blurb :
Leupold® BX-2 Cascades’® in-line design makes them trim, lightweight, and easy to grip in any conditions. One of the greatest values in current binoculars, the BX-2 Cascades offers high performance optical capability and a lifetime of rugged durability - all in an affordable, easy to employ package.

23.10 Ounces or to the metrically inclined 796 grams

Looking for bush binocs of reasonable quality. These could be worth consideration ... inoculars/
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Re: Light Weight simple Binocs

Postby Gibo » Wed May 25, 2016 9:14 pm

Chur. Ive got the Mojaves, i doubt there's much in it. I like them
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Re: Light Weight simple Binocs

Postby Carpe Diem » Fri May 27, 2016 11:09 pm

i think I'm going to buy a set of the latest Steiner ultrasharp safari's in 10x30 in the next few weeks for $389 but if there's a better option I'm sure you boys will school me - and I'm budget conscious at the Mo so that needs to be taken into account...

Anything would be better than the POS ones I have at the moment..

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