Finally a 300 Meter Varmint Beater

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Finally a 300 Meter Varmint Beater

Postby Happy » Wed Oct 05, 2016 4:49 pm

Started a wee while ago experimenting with all sorts of 20 Cals as the pesky targets were getting used to being shot at
and moving further a field at first sign of people.
Have ended up having one or more of most of the .20 calibers :oops: . Some stayed some were booted out pretty quick

Bought this heavy varmint .204 Remm 700 rig off Double Shot a wee while ago and its been a project since then.

Finally got it very well sorted.

Thanks to Maca I scored a Vortex 6 24 x50 Scope. Fitted it this Arvo and look forward to final sight in this weekend


Thanks to Dead Eye Dicks @Sika Show scored a trigger which is an awesome 1.5 pounds compared to factory 4.5 plus

Thanks to DPT for their awesome as usual suppressor work.. ;)


So after a range trip last weekend me and the Midget decided to fit said trigger and go for a wander down back.
First shot a dead one @250 mtrs and it only got better and better.

This thing is deadly. Loves Hornady Superformance. If its in the cross at 300 pull the trigger and wow kind of wicked ...
This shoots flatter than all of the .20 cals in the cupboard (and I have a few :oops: )

Image s.jpeg

Will be coming to our annual Fallow Hunt later this year for sure... Sit up top and just on dusk the excitement starts ... 8-)
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