Very Cool Product for Remington and Mossberg Owners

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Very Cool Product for Remington and Mossberg Owners

Postby Kiwigunguy » Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:13 pm

I've come across an awesome product for the Remington 870 and clones, as well as Mossberg 500/590/Maverick 88. This is a must-have Christmas gift for any Remington or Mossberg owner. It's a pistol grip, although not like the pistol grips we're used to. Typically, shotgun pistol grips are vertical and direct all of the recoil forces into the shooter's palm and wrist. These are very unpleasant to use without a stock. The pistol grips I'm talking about are called Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grips, and they are a more horizontal "birdshead" style of grip, similar to a normal shotgun stock that has been cut down to just a pistol grip. The different grip angle allows the recoil forces to be directed up the arm and into the shoulder, rather than directly into the palm and wrist. This means that the shotgun can be aimed properly and the recoil is quite manageable. Not only is accuracy improved, but shooting becomes an enjoyable experience rather than a punishing one. Another cool feature is that these grips can be fitted to an 18" barrel shotgun without putting it below 30" overall, unlike the vertical pistol grips. On top of that, they just look awesome. Remington and Mossberg now sell 14" shotguns with these grips from the factory, and they are selling like hotcakes. I'll post the link below. Don't worry if they're sold out, as the seller can easily get more.
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