Make and Sign Submissions to the Select Committee

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Make and Sign Submissions to the Select Committee

Postby Kiwigunguy » Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:34 am

Now is your chance to let the select committee know that the second round of proposed gun law changes is a huge mistake.
Aside from removing any sort of medical privacy or due process for gun owners, they will put shooting ranges out of business by drowning them in red tape.
It is a complete attack on lawful gun owners and is intended to make gun ownership as difficult and expensive as possible.
A registry will put all of us at risk from mass confiscations any time the police feel like coming after us by reinterpreting laws(which is every minute of every day).
Don't think that these laws won't negatively affect you, because I guarantee you they will.
The government intends to put an end to lawful gun ownership and shooting sports in this country, and this is just the next step in their plan.

The way this select committee works means that a having others add their signatures to your submission is as important as making your own submission.
Here are links to the Parliament website and another site where you can post submissions and add your signature to other's submissions: ... Submission

The select committee isn't accepting submissions for much longer, so move your ass.
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Re: Make and Sign Submissions to the Select Committee

Postby Frogfeatures » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:08 pm

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